III Annual Virtual Conference «Team Coaching World: BUSINESS CASES»!

During 40 minute presentations team coaches and representatives of the client teams will share their real cases, requests, challenges and factors of success.

— To spread knowledge about team coaching in the world
— To show team coaching scope and effectiveness through the real cases

For professionals involved in improving the effectiveness of teams and interested in examples and stories of practical applications of team coaching:
✅HR specialists;
✅Leaders and executives;
✅Agile-coaches, scrum-masters, etc.;
✅Team coaches;
✅Individual coaches who is interested in team coaching;
✅Everyone who is involved in increasing of team effectiveness.


Date: October 7, 2021

Time: from 10.00 till 19.30 (MSK/UTC+3)

👉Participation is free of charge after registration: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYtduCvqzgqGdapwEgyRk5DYa44q0qXGk3V
Connecting online virtually via individual link
All registered participants will be sent a recording of the conference.

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October 5 Recording
Kristina Solntseva, PCC (Moscow,RU)
Client: Brilliant Minds School
Topic: Diving into ambiguity
A small private business on another continent, a cross-cultural team, a pandemic… How did we manage to strengthen the business despite the constant uncertainty and changes in the team. How to make sure that not only the leader takes responsibility for the result. How does the business develop after coaching. Conference participants will be able to look at this case through the eyes of a coach and a client
October 7. Presentations.
10.00-10.15 Elena Chelokidi, PCC (Moscow,RU)
10.15-11.00Svetlana Chumakova, МСС (Moscow,RU)
Client: Rosbank
Topic: Business case on the team coaching in Rosbank
11.00-11.45 Olga Aksyuk (Khabarovsk,RU)
Client: «LokoTekh» Ltd.
Topic: Coaching a team under strict centralised management.
How to establish interaction between a leader and a team when trust is lost
The head of a department sets a task to work on team building as a part of a management development project in his branch. He delegates the task of building a dialogue with the team to a coach. At the first meeting the team goes into resistance with the phrase: «He does not need the team, and we do not want to become a team». Next work was built in parallel with the team and the leader, a dialogue between the leader and the team was established. I will tell you about the tools that I used, about the emotions of the participants that dominated the different stages of the work.
11.45-12.30Elena Chelokidi, PCC (Moscow,RU)
Topic: From a Group into a Team: Key Factors For Teamwork
We will show how step by step people become a self-managing team using the example of a real case study. What processes take place in the team and what a coach should pay attention to. What truly unites and drives results. Risk points and fulcrum points.
12.30-12.45 Break
12.45-13.30 Svetlana Privina, PCC (Moscow,RU)
Client: Kindergarten «Happy kids’ club»
Topic: Peculiarities of Team Coaching in Small and Medium-sized Businesses
In small business, often working every day «side by side» we do not even think whether we are really a team, whether there is something that unites us and distinguishes us from others. In my opinion, the team, both in large and small businesses, is a unique competitive advantage, which creates a special value and atmosphere for clients. Even if you already have an established team, and you are used to discussing work issues, it is still important to talk about common principles, values and goals, relationships and «rules of the game». Such sessions raise the «team spirit», inspire employees, and allow you to find new ways of solving problems and interacting.
Maria Dombrovan, PCC (Kazan,RU)
Client: Bank Tatarstan of Sberbank
Topic: «Your coaching is good but it is not about us!» — Systemic Patterns That Interfere Coaching Management.
Being a manager and a coach at the same time is not an easy task. Coaching management, as practice shows, is more difficult to use. The skills of working with teams and groups are of interest to every HRD. We’ll talk about a 2017 case that began with a request for team coaching training for business unit leaders and ended with a very deep and honest «conversation» that allowed us to see, note, acknowledge and accept the systemic patterns that prevent the formation of coaching — management in the organization. Let’s look through the eyes of a Team Coach at the systemic field of an organization and its impact on the formation of a coaching corporate culture. A good Team Coach is always a systemic coach. He knows how to hear and see system dynamics and work with them.

Yuliya Konopleva, АСС (Ekaterinburg,RU)
Yuliya Matisone (Latvia)
Liya Tretyak, PCC
(Nizhny Novgorod,RU)
Client: «Congress Avia»
Topic: Team Responsibility Is the Basis of Business: The Green Men Story
Congress Avia company is one of the market leaders of business travel and corporate events in the Republic of Tatarstan. Highly professional team with 15 years of experience, more than 100 largest client companies, more than 1000 serious projects with up to 7000 participants. Good turnover and profitable business. The order book is tightly packed for the next six months. So it was at the beginning of March 2020. 3 weeks later the world stopped. The old business was gone as was the hope that it would return in the foreseeable future. Nine months later, having gone her way in search of answers and exhausted, the leader came to the conclusion that team coaching was needed. The choice is whether to keep the company alive or not. On January 2021 there were 6 months to make the final decision. How did team coaching work in a crisis and uncertainty?
15.00-15.15 Break
Irena Antolik (Croatia)
Topic: Team Coaching for Organizational Culture Change
Living in today’s VUCA world, one of the most important questions for the CEO’s today, as research shows, is how to change hierarchic organizational structures into network of teams, in order to be more flexible and  adapt quickly to fast-changing business environment.
This task is quite complex as it involves change of mentality, or ‘the ways we do things here’ — leaving old habits and beliefs and adopting new ways of thinking, in other words, changing the culture. In this case we will present how the team coaching was used in the process of organizational culture change.
We will also show why it is important to invest and partner up with team coaches in proper diagnostics and preparation, as it can completely change what was originally believed to be the goal/reason for using the team coaching. 
16.00-16.45 Irina Iuranova, РСС (Moscow — Sochi,RU)
Client: Magna company («Peterform» Ltd)
Topic: From disbelief to trust, everything is in our hands. About attitudes toward coaching, pessimism toward change, burnout, and how it all ended.
Given: shortage of employees due to vacations and pandemic, high turnover among new members of the department, experienced employees are overloaded, the staff has partially moved to a remote location, but the company begins production and sales of new products, while the turnover is not removed from the production and sales of the previous range.
It is necessary: to complete the staffing, stop the turnover of new personnel, change the atmosphere in the team, establish and optimize the process of procurement, increase the initiative of employees, to get ideas for saving costs of the company. How this task was solved during the six-month contract is in this case study.
16.45-17.30 Denis Skrypnik, РСС (Moscow,RU)
Client: ManyChat company
Topic: Coaching situational leadership in a team
A case study of team coaching with a focus on the development of situational leadership in one of ManyChat’s fiche teams: the Helicopters Team. The case includes a description of the cooperation between the coach and the team: when the coach uses active interventions in the team, when the coach supports the interventions of team members, and when the coach works incognito. Thanks to situational leadership the following patterns of teamwork are formed: live process of role rotation in the team, team trust in their decisions, team’s ownership over the task, the team wants to do the most interesting things, the team is ready to do the boring — to give the debts of the company’s fast growth. The role of the team coach is also to transfer practices to the team that the team will be able to use later on its own.
17.30-17.45 Break
17.45-18.30Lena Gustaffson, РСС (Sweden)
Topic: Coaching your team through insecure times
People respond differently to ambiguity, insecurity and changes. As a team coach you can support the team in seeing and working with the differences that if unaddressed cause a lot of confusion but when addressed can be part of a strong innovative ability. Based on practical experience of coaching teams and research results from the Centre of Leadership in Småland at Linneaus University where Lena is part of ongoing research on innovative processes in SMEs we get models and examples of how managing predictability and agreement can move a team.

Panel discussion
Results of the team coaching
Benita Stafford-Smith, МСС (Oman),
Nader Bechini, Director of ROI Institute in MENA (Tunisia),
Elena Chelokidi, PCC (Russia)
19.15-19.30Closing, announcement of the following events



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07 Окт 2021


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    PCC ICF team coach, supervisor and mentor for coaches, member of ICF and AoCS. Adept of Liberating Structures in Russia, LL.M.

    PCC ICF team coach, supervisor and mentor for coaches, member of ICF and AoCS. Adept of Liberating Structures in Russia, LL.M. Scrum master and coach at ManyChat, which in 2021 became the #1 digital platform for businesses to automate communication with their users via Instagram.

    Author and conference presenter, ICF Young Leader, mentor, publisher, PCC ICF

    Practicing coach, mentor, owner of a training company, publisher and guest lecturer at Russia’s leading universities

    👉Professional Certified Coach ICF.
    👉Winner of ICF Young Leader Award 2018 and Leadership Coaching Awards 2017.
    👉 Since 2015 he actively develops team coaching in Russia and collaborates with D. Clutterbrook.
    👉Author of international accredited leadership and team coaching programs.
    👉 Business mentor for team coaches.
    👉 Ethical mentor for leaders.
    👉 President of the 2016-2017 ICF Russian Chapter.
    👉 Publisher of books by Prof. D. Clutterbuck and Prof. F. Rosinski in Russian.

    Team Coach and Mentor, Executive Coach, Team Coach Mentor, Supervisor for Coaches, Trainer, Speaker

    Irena has been involved in organizational and personal development throughout her professional life.

    Her career started with the creation of her own international organization with more than 300 employees in 7 European countries, which she managed for more than 10 years. For the last 15 years she has been working as a professional coach, mentor, facilitator, supervisor for coaches and mentors. She is also a teacher, keynote speaker, co-author, and author of high level, internationally accredited training programs in coaching, team coaching, and professional coaching.

    Currently, along with some of the world’s most experienced coaching supervisors, she participates in the foundational, cutting-edge team coaching supervision program, developing competency standards for team coaching supervisors. She is also a member of the core faculty of GTCI, the Global Team Coaching Institute, founded by two of the world’s leading thinkers in the field, Professor David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins.

    Team and business coach, PCC ICF

    Member of professional associations:
    ✔️ International Coaching Federation (ICF)
    ✔️ National Federation of Professional Mentors and Coaches
    ✔️ Association of Russian Speaking Coaches (ARC)

    Since 2021 — certified team coach under the David Clutterbuck program
    Since 2020 — team and business coach
    Since 2018 — life coach
    From 2002 to 2012 — Project Manager in consulting and training services for financial professionals and financial markets specialists

    PCC ICF. Active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), professional team coach

    🔹More than 20 years of HR experience in international and Russian companies in such industries as FMCG, Banking & Investments and Insurance.

    🔹He was involved in the whole range of HR activities, has extensive managerial experience and has led numerous cross-functional and international projects in the field of organizational development.

    🔹In 2012, she received the Training Index Top Award for the design and implementation of her training and development system.

    She combines her business experience with deep understanding of psychology and knowledge of coaching best practices to help her clients achieve the best results.

    PCC ICF, execituve, agile and business coach of leaders and teams. Head of Transformation at Sberbank PJSC

    Gold Certified Professional Team Coach (D. Clutterbuck)
    Agile-coach of students’ practice in ABM program of Stockholm School of Economics (SSE Russia)
    Coach and mentor in EBRD program «Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan
    Head of transformation at Sberbank with 15 years of experience in team management.

    Business & Executive Coach PCC ICF, Professional Coach of Leaders of Organizations and Management Teams, CEO of Human Capital

    Human Capital CEO (2011),
    Business & Executive Coach PCC ICF 2800 hours of coaching — practice, professional coach of leaders of organizations and management teams, more than 10,000 hours of group work.
    Emotional Intelligence Development Coach.
    Business coach (experience since 2006).
    Team coach, ICF member since 2014, Partner and coach of the «European Center for Business Coaching» since 2014 (Moscow), Member of the Professional Ethics Council of the Russian Coaching Association (ARC Moscow), Lecturer at the FEFU School of Economics and Management (Executive MBA, Executive MPA «Coaching in Business», «Emotional Intelligence of a Leader», «Public Speaking»)
    Twice winner (2018 / 2019) of Svetlana Chumakova Leadership Coaching Awards
    Author of international executive coaching training programs Be a Coach ACSTH ICF, Executive Coach CCE ICF and Team Coach CCE ICF, accredited by ICF

    Business coach, business consultant, business coach member of the NFC, in coaching since 2015, in training and development of management personnel since 1998.

    Business coach, business consultant, business trainer
    Member of the NFC, in coaching since 2015, in management training and development since 1998. Head of «Consulting Center 360».

    MCC ICF, ICA CEO, Senior&Executive Coach, Executive Mentor and Supervisor.

    The first MCC ICF in Russia ICF, Director General of ICA, Senior & Executive coach and mentor.
    Founder of the Representative Office of ICF in Russia and its first President in 2002-2009.
    More than 8,000 hours of coaching for Top Managers and Executive Teams of global and Russian corporations.
    She is an expert in the application of coaching in the organization and development of corporate coaching culture. She trains leaders in coaching and mentoring skills, non-directive method and management style.
    Svetlana Yurievna has also trained and raised a young generation of professional coaches in Russia and the CIS. Many of them have become well-known and sought-after coaches.
    Many of the strongest coaching schools in the country were created by students and graduates of Svetlana Yurievna.

    Team & Leadership Coach PCC ICF, МВА

    Team & Leadership Coach PCC ICF, MBA
    15+ years of experience in leadership positions at Russian and international companies
    5+ years and 1000+ hours in coaching and career consulting
    50+ hours of team/group coaching
    Education: Psychology Department of Moscow State University + MBA from ESADE Business School
    I specialize in the development of management skills and executive careers.
    Speaker and organizer of coaching support in the business gas pedal «Lady007» for women entrepreneurs from the All-Russian Public Organization «Women in Business
    It is important for me to help executives and their teams become «the best version of themselves», achieve high results while remaining «who they are» and taking care of themselves and each other.

    ACC ICF. Coach of leaders and teams. Business coach, business consultant.

    Member of ICF, ACC ICF (Erickson International).
    Team Coach (Coaching and Mentoring International).
    20+ years of experience in sales management at Russian network companies, best network director of the year
    Consultant in sales management, project manager of SUN company.

    Professional trainer, business coach and coach. Specialization - corporate coaching.

    More than 1500 hours of individual sessions since 2011.
    A corporate coach of a large Latvian holding.
    Author of the program Principles of System Approach and Formation Tools for Coaches and Supervisors.
    Holds 11 training programs for coaching.
    Worked with clients from the Baltic countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Sweden, Austria, Israel.

    ACC, коуч и консультант по развитию лидерства. Основатель и СЕО Empowerment Institute и директор Института ROI в регионе MENA

    Его жизненная миссия — поддерживать лидеров и организации в усилении их способности и возможности вдохновлять, влиять и создавать результаты. Глобальный фасилитатор в Association of Talent Development (ATD). В течение более чем 20 лет руководил программами развития лидерства и проектами повышения эффективности в более чем 30 странах на 6 континентах. Провел несколько программ для ICF Headquarter и был частью ICF Review committee для ICF Converge 2019. Сотрудничал с отделениями ICF по всему миру (Австралия, Египет, Бахрейн, Исландия, Норвегия, Финляндия). Его статья в коучинге переведена на корейский, русский, китайский, французский, арабский и испанский языки. Надир получил степень магистра маркетинга в университете Эльманар, Тунис. Имеет сертификат асессора психометрик международного профиля (Profile International) и сертификат тренера высшего уровня Международного общества тренеров (International Society of Trainers and Developers). Он проводит семинары, консультирует организации и выступает на конференциях по всему миру. Дал интервью нескольким радио-и телепрограммам в Саудовской Аравии, Судане, Тунисе, Франции и Алжире. Живет в Саудовской Арабии.

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